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Heading out on the road through the Wimmera and Mallee offers more than you’d expect. Around each corner, an epic work of art awaits along the Silo Art Trail – but that’s only the beginning of the adventure.

Whether you come for a day, a week or a long weekend, there is no one set path to follow. Turn off the main road to stroll through the centre of town; head into that quirky country shop and stop to chat with the locals. At every turn, there is something new to discover.

It’s time to create your own unique road trip as you explore the Silo Art Trail and unearth amazing sights and experiences impossible to find anywhere else in the world. These are the wonders of the west.

Explore Wismmera Mallee

Back to nature trail

Explore Wismmera Mallee

Lakes Loop Trail

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Silo Art Trail