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OK Charlton

23 Feb 2024

The wheels are in motion. You’re cruising up the Calder to a place called Paradise but you’ll know as Charlton.

This is a warm and welcome invite to the Friendly River Town. Clear the books as it’ll be an unforgettable assortment 500 soon to be mates. A time to unwind under a Mallee full moon, move your feet, get up to a bit of riff raff and indulge the laughing gear with some good yarns.

They’re going from afternoon to evening with a full schedule. Tunes from The Slingers, Watty Thompson and His Total Fire Band, and The Belair Lip Bombs. Pool Party Water Ballet with The Clams. Friendship Bingo called by Tell Your Friends You Love Them. All the rest from such classics as beverages, friendship, ice cream, Devonshire tea, mini golf, karaoke, car boot sales, artist markets, vintage stalls, barefoot bowls, big ol’ barbeques and swimming pools for peak summer cool-offs.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what tickles your fancy, they’ve got all the ingredients for a bloody good time.


Organised by OK Motels