Bakery Specialties

One of the highlights of a country road trip just has to be stopping in at all the country bakeries along the way. Each one is unique and yet familiar at the same time. Walking through the door, you’ll be greeted by friendly faces and an array of wholesome breads, pastries, sandwiches and more.

With so many delicious options, it can be hard to choose, especially when you’re hungry. To help in making your selection, we have highlighted a few of our favourite Wimmera Mallee bakeries and their specialties.  

Sharp’s Bakery, Birchip
47 Cumming Ave, Birchip VIC 3483

Best Vanilla Slice

Unearth vanilla slice magic at Sharp’s Bakery in Birchip. The smooth vanilla custard and crisp pastry topped off with white fondant icing work in perfect harmony. It is this award-winning combination that sees the locals and visitors coming back for more.

Family owned and operated since 1977, Sharp’s Bakery offers a genuine country bakery experience. On your travels through Birchip, this is just the place to drop in for lunch, and don’t forget a little sweet treat too!

Specialty: Vanilla Slice

Bakery on Broadway, Wycheproof
317 Broadway, Wycheproof VIC 3527

Best Coffee on the Calder Hwy

Baking a variety of artisan breads, cakes and pastries daily, Bakery on Broadway is a must-stop in Wycheproof. Their coffee and vanilla slice are famous amongst the locals, and for good reason!

Take away or take a seat in the relaxed courtyard area before you head back to the car. With friendly service, all abilities access, and bathroom facilities, Bakery on Broadway has everything you will need to refuel on your trip.

Specialty: Best coffee along the Calder Highway

Bow Bakery
56 Federal St, Rainbow VIC 3424; and,
82 Lascelles St, Hopetoun VIC 3396

Bow Bakery - Pink Biscuits

Craving something sweet or on the lookout for lunch? You’ll find this bright country bakery in both Rainbow and Hopetoun. With an array of fresh sandwiches, piping hot pies, sausage rolls and more, there is something for everyone in the family.

But the kids will just love Bow Bakery’s very special ‘Pink Biscuits’ – an all-time favourite among children from across the region and hard to stop at just one!

Specialty: “Pink Biscuits”

Amber’s Sweet Bliss Bakery and Café, Nhill
29/31 Victoria St, Nhill VIC 3418

Amber's Sweet Bliss - Best Cheesecake

Bright, colourful and a little quirky, Amber’s Sweet Bliss Bakery and Café is one to add to the itinerary. Each day brings a completely unique range of freshly baked cakes and sweet treats, no two days are the same.

Not a traditional finger bun or Neenish tart in sight, Amber puts her own special twist into every creation. But it’s her cheesecake that is the real standout. It is, quite possibly, the best cheesecake you’ll find anywhere in Australia – so you won’t want to miss the chance to stop for a slice and a cuppa.

Specialty: Cheesecake

Windmill Café, Kaniva
41 Commercial St E, Kaniva VIC 3419

Best Sausage Rolls at Windmill Cafe

What makes for a great sausage roll? Windmill Café certainly knows the secret.

This country café and bakery has taken the humble sausage roll to the next level. The only question left to ask is, “Would you like sauce with that?”

Swing through the Visitor Information Centre on your way and pick up a map, as Windmill Café is the perfect spot to relax while you discover what’s on offer throughout the area and plan the next leg of your trip.

Specialty: Sausage Rolls

*NOTE: With current COVID-19 measures, it’s important to plan ahead and contact the business you would like to visit to ensure they are open and you adhere to their guidelines. Here is a quick checklist to start your planning.

Countires Bakery Specialties